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Your Virtual Privacy Office

Tombolo demystifies Data Privacy to help you establish your Privacy Office based on industry best practices - at a fraction of the cost. Tombolo provides templates, guidance, and project management tools to Prepare and Run your Privacy Office and Respond to data breaches in an effective way.


In 2016, the cost of an average data breach was between $4.9M and $13.1M

Having an Incident Response Plan and Team in place, as well as Employee Training, can reduce the cost of a data breach by nearly 20%


You understand the importance of data privacy, especially when it comes to protecting your brand and your customers. However, data privacy is not your company's core competency and setting up a Privacy Office can be very expensive.

Tombolo demystifies Data Privacy for a fraction of the cost and guides you through the steps you need to take and provides you with templates, guidance and examples to Prepare and Run your Privacy Office and Respond to a data breach.

Your Virtual Privacy Office


Assess your company’s privacy situation

Develop and publish your Privacy Policy


Consult and facilate privacy implementation across the company

Stay up to date on news and events affecting privacy


Respond to a data breach

Recover quickly to mitigate the impact

I’m ready to streamline my Privacy Office